“Get Sculpted” Fat Loss & Fitness Transformation Program Series: Ab Workout

Hey VIP’s I’m back again with another post of my “Get Sculpted” Fat Loss & Fitness Transformation Program. I truly hope that the last post on chest training really helped. Today I’m going to talk about ab training, and am including a simple but effectiAbWrktve ab workout. I will also dispel a few myths about ab training and losing fat around the waist.

Let’s get to the two most often-heard about myths and get em out of the way.

First, I want to say that you cannot burn belly fat by doing endless amounts of ab work. I get asked all the time, “What exercises can I do to lose some of this belly fat? There is no such thing as spot-reducing.

Everyone has been dealt with their own genetic pre-disposition as to how they store body fat on their bodies. And unfortunately, for some, it’s mostly all around their waist, but it’s different for everybody. So again, endless and monotonous amounts of ab work will not burn off belly fat!

Second, endless amounts of cardio will also not burn all the belly fat. Don’t get me wrong, it does burn fat, but in the process, it also breaks down precious metabolic fat-burning muscle tissue, which then slows down your metabolism, making it easier to gain fat and harder to get rid of it.

In the end, you will end up skinny fat, and running like 10 miles a day just to burn off some fat. I’ve seen that many times.

So how does one burn-off belly fat to be able to see the abs, you may ask? My answer, it’s a combination of supportive nutrition, weight training and the right type of cardio, and that is not the point of this post, I will discuss these 3 in more detail at a later post.

But for now, let’s focus on building core strength and solid abs by doing the ab workout I have included here. Believe me, if you do this ab workout consistently, you will strengthen your core and build some awesome abs, so that when you do lose enough belly fat, they(the abs) will be there waiting for you, to be showed-off.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, male or female, this workout is for you. You may need to make a few modifications to adjust the workout to your fitness level, but that’s ok, always think about safety first.

Do this workout in a circuit fashion, moving from one exercise to the other, resting only for about 1 minute after the last exercise, which is the plank, then start again, and do 3-4 circuits total. Start with #1 Hanging Knee Raise, do 3-4 x 25 reps, followed by #2 Jackknife, do 3-4 x 20 reps, followed by #3 Cable Ab Crunch, do 3-4 x 15, and finish off with#4 Plank, do 3-4 x 30-60 second hold.

I promise you, if you are consistent with this ab workout, your daily workouts, and your supportive nutrition on a daily basis, you will soon be able to sport abs like the ones in the photo, if that is your goal, but it’s totally possible.

I hope this helps and gets you training your abs if you haven’t yet. If you’d like a copy of the ab workout above with tracking log sheet, PLUS a lesson about my Metabolic Meals Fat Loss Eating Concept for a small cost of $10, simply fill out the form below, and I will reply asap and get that for you. Thanks!



As always, SculptYourBodyBeautiful!

David Gomez, Fat Loss Trainer/Coach





Meal Planning & Prepping for Fat Loss

Hello V.I.P’s, hope you’re doing great and are steadily making your fatloss and body transformation goals happen with each passing day. I encourage you to stay the course and make the most of everyday.
Still after many years in the fitness industry, as I meet new people and get to talking about fitness and nutrition…
…one of the main obstacles to fatloss and fitness success is lack of meal planning and preparation. Is it laziness, lack of knowledge or just plain ignorance? I don’t know, but in this post, I’m going to outline an easy, doable blueprint for you to follow to plan and prepare your meals.

By following through with this plan, you increase your chances to increased fat loss, more energy, better performance at work, home and in your community. So you have everything to gain, and fat to lose for your disciplined efforts.

To start, click on this link of an earlier blog post titled, Eat Like This, Not Like That…so that you get and understanding of the Metabolic Meals Eating LifeStyle Concept.
Now that you understand a bit about the Metabolic Meals and the foods that are included in each of the meals, the next step is to take an inventory of the foods that you have on-hand and don’t have. You will need your lean meats, starchy carbs and lots of fresh veggies and some fruits.
Now, plan a trip to the grocery store and stock up. IF you have the foods already, that’s great, you’re ahead already.
Alright, NOW, schedule a time every night that you will religiously set to follow the action steps below. For example, at 9 p.m. after the kids are asleep or at 10 p.m. after your studies, etc…whatever time works best for you, as long it’s a scheduled set time every night M-F. As with everything else, the more you do it, the easier it gets.
Also, you can set aside an afternoon on the weekend, say Sunday, and prepare all your meals ahead of time for the week. That’ll save you a lot of time during the week and will also help ensure that you stay on track with all of your meals.
1. Set aside 5 minutes and write down all your meals for the next day on a sheet of paper, from breakfast to evening snack. Choose foods from all three Metabolic Meal categories for your main meals, and simple foods like yogurt, fruit, nutrition bars for in-between-meal snacks. Keep it simple!
2. Next, circle all the meals that you will have to take with you to work. For example, if you will eat breakfast to afternoon snack at work, then circle those meals.
3. Third, take 20-30 minutes to quickly cook all the foods that are included in the meals that you circled. Place in a container, pack and have it ready to take with you to work in the morning.

How about the foods that you eat at home before and after work? You can cook them with the other foods to get it over with OR, cook and eat fresh, at home.

The point to this is to have all the foods ready, cooked and available to you at work so that you are able to eat every 3 hours, stabilize your blood sugar, prevent hunger and avoid OVEREATING  later at dinner time.
After a week or two of doing this, you will start to notice increased levels of energy, your pants getting lose, less hunger pangs, better mood and greater productivity, and so many other benefits.
But none of this will happen, IF you don’t plan and prepare your meals every night for the next day and follow-through, like clockwork.
As always, SculptYourBodyBeautiful!
David Gomez, Fat Loss Trainer/Coach