How To Get Your Fat Loss “ON” Again!

Hey V.I.P.s it’s great to be back with another post for you, I know it’s been awhile, but I have an invaluable post, especially IF:

1. You’ve been STUCK in your workout program lately, and are not experiencing anymore fatloss results.
2. You’ve steered OFF track and have taken a long detour from your workout program, and need to get back on track.

This post is INSPIRED by conversations that I’ve had lately with several people whom I’ve consulted with, via a MasterMind Coaching Call, who needed help getting UNSTUCK and back on track.

Speaking of Coaching Call, I encourage you to set-up yours today with me, via the contact form below this post, just fill out. We’ll talk about your goals, I’ll answer any questions, and I’ll give you advice and direction pertaining to your current situation, best of all it’s totally free.

Why do people start ON FIRE, and a few weeks or a month later, fall-off the band wagon?

Obviously, there’s so many reasons, but in my opinion and through experience after working with many clients over the years, these are the TOP 3 reasons I have encountered:

1. Lack of a wholehearted COMMITTMENT. Didn’t have a sincere deep desire to start with.
2. Lack of results, became impatient. Results don’t happen overnight, it takes time, it’s a process.
3. Life, obstacles, hard times happened, lost focus and gave up. This is where a Coach, Me : ) comes in, to keep you motivated, hold you accountable and give you guidance.

Can you identify with any of the above? I can, been there, done that and overcame, and still going strong.

You don’t have to stay there…

I want to help you get your “FATLOSS ON” again, so below is a quick blueprint to give you some direction and help you get started.

Ok, here we go:

1. Start eating frequently AGAIN. Eat 6 small meals per day, every 2-4 hours. Three main meals should include a lean protein source, a starchy carb source and a fibrous carb source. Two to three snacks can be protein rich foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese, whey protein, egg whites, etc.. Make sure to eat breakfast, and drink enough water throughout the day.


2. Do 3-4 weight training workouts per week, AGAIN, at home, at the gym or with a small group like a bootcamp. There’s so many options out there, but do what you enjoy, like follow-along home workout dvd’s, or try my 4-Week MetabolicFatLoss program, if you’re ready to take your body to next level.

3. Perform 3-4 cardio sessions per week, for 20-30 minutes, in an INTERVAL mode. UNLESS you’re a true beginner, with minimal fitness conditioning, and who has a lower-body joint condition, then low-intensity, moderate duration cardio workouts are ok to start with, for 30-45 minutes.

If you have no limiting conditions, then any bodyweight circuit, outdoor activity, cardio machine, etc… high-intensity, short duration INTERVALS are the way to go.

Just 20-30 minutes of this type of cardio will have you melting-off the fat in no time, PLUS the increased metabolic and cardio conditioning effect won’t be that bad either. You’ll keep on burning fat for hours after the session is over.

4. Get with a FatLoss Succcess Coach, like ME, who can help you formulate a plan that incudes ALL the above, who will guide you and hold you accountable on a weekly SYSTEMATIC basis.

Invest 3 months with me by subscribing to my “Fitness SUCCESS Coaching System” and I will make sure that you achieve the fitness and fatloss results that you are after. Not only that, I will EQUIP you and EMPOWER you so that you are confidently able to continue on your own from then on.

Nothing fancy about getting your fatloss on again, just the basics that form the foundation to a lean, shapely and healthy body. So now what?


1. Decide on a 7-Week Personal Challenge aimed on CONSISTENCY and losing at least 1 pant size

2. Set-up your plan of attack with the above steps, and…

3. Fill-out the form below to set up your Mastermind Coaching Call with me, so I can help you put it all together


As Always, SculptYourBodyBeautiful!

DavidGomez, FatLoss SUCCESS Coach
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