“Get Sculpted” Fat Loss & Fitness Transformation Program Series: Progressively Overload for Fat Loss Results!

I’ve been a trainer since 1997, and I’ve heard it all, and seen it all, but the BIGGEST complaint I hear the most is… “I do everything I’m supposed to, but I still don’t see results.” And it’s usually not seeing results in fat loss or weight loss.

From what I have witnessed over the years, usually the number one reason many people quit working out, is lack of results. But that is also the biggest motivator for everybody, seeing results!

For people who are frustrated, upset and on the verge of quitting altogether for lack of results, I schedule with them, and I also invite you to schedule with me if that is you at the moment, a Fitness Plan Athnalysis, to try to discover and answer their most pressing question of “Why am I not seeing results?”

After asking targeted questions and reviewing the workout logs, the most common thing that I have discovered among those who are not seeing results is that they have been routinely doing the same thing over and over, for awhile already.

For example, doing the same workout for many months, the same workout schedule, the same exercises, the same machines, they’ve been using the same weight for the same exercises, and doing the same speed, elevation, resistance or distance on their cardio workouts.

In one word MONOTONY!

My solution to that, I introduce a very simple, but uncomfortable, challenging, and result-producing principle called the Progressive Overload Principle.

So what is the Progressive Overload Principle you may be asking? In short, it refers to continually increasing greater demands on the muscular and cardiovascular systems in order to continue making gains or progress in muscle size, strength, and endurance.

Without progressive overload, you’rtree not giving your body a reason to re-adapt, heal and come back stronger, leaner, faster, healthier and fitter.

But in order for progressive overload to happen, you MUST put in the hard work, you MUST challenge yourself, you MUST push yourself a little harder than the last time, you MUST step out of your comfort zone, because it’s there where the results are, OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

A word of caution: you must do it at your own level, what you can do safely without injury, and without comparing yourself to someone else.

The three most common ways to apply progressive overload to your workouts are:

  1. Use more weight and do the same or more reps per set
  2. Do more sets per exercise
  3. And rest less between sets

For example, let’s say that for the last 3 workouts you’ve been doing 3 sets of 10 reps with 100 pounds on the Barbell Curls, and are resting 90 seconds between sets, so next time, you use 105 pound for 4 sets of 10 reps, and instead of resting 90 seconds, you only rest 60 seconds. That’s just one example of applying all the above three ways of progressive overload.

On another example, let’s say you go for a 3 mile run. The last time you ran the 3 miles in 30  minutes. So this next time, you aim to run the 3 miles in 28 minutes. That itself is going to be challenging, take a lot more effort to achieve, burn a lot more calories, and increase your lung capacity. That’s progressive overload as it applies to your cardio workout.

If you want fat loss results, you have to work hard for it! Fat Loss is intentional, not passive. So next time you hit the gym or the pavement, keep in mind that to achieve results, you have to do a little bit more than the last time, period!

Schedule your Fitness Plan Analysis with me asap, simply fill-out the form below with email titled, “Fitness Plan Analysis.” I’ll reply promptly to schedule a time.

As Always, SculptYourBodyBeautiful!


David Gomez

Fat Loss Trainer/Coach




My Fat Loss “100” Mission

Hello V.I.P.’s, I’m back this month with another brief post, one that is a Life Changer for me and may impact you as well, if you decide to join in supporting me.

For as long as I can remember, I knew fitness was my field, and over time throughout the years, I realized and defined my true Calling in Life. So I made it my Mission to Teach, Motivate and Coach as many people as possible, towards fat loss success.

Since then, I’ve devoted my life in doing that everyday, to help as many people as possible lose weight and live longer by teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle that includes supportive eating and daily exercise.

But lately, I confess, due to Life’s challenges and hardships, it’s been very hard to give my Calling and Mission 100% of my heart, mind, and efforts. I’m not proud of that, I’m actually disappointed at myself and feel disconnected from my true self, my inner-being.

One night recently, as I lay in bed, waiting to fall asleep, I thanked God for all His goodness and blessings in my life and expressed my heart’s sorrows and desires concerning my Calling and Mission, I fell asleep and I left it at that.

Days later I started feeling this welling up in me, a newfound enthusiasm and excitement towards my Calling again. Then, just like that, it hit me, I decided on a mission that would take me out of my comfort zone and challenge me more than ever, it made me nervous, but got me motivated and excited.

And I want to share with you now, this goal or Mission is to help 100 people or more to lose 20 pounds or more by January 1, 2017. And I don’t mean, to lose 2o pounds in 6 months, no because that can be achieved in 2-3 months, what I mean is to help 100 people in 6 imagesmonths to lose 20 or more pounds., whether it takes 2-4 months.  As I calculated the numbers, it comes to 16 new people every month for the next 6 months.

I’m totally wholeheartedly committed to accomplishing this. Who those 100 people are, I don’t exactly know, but I pray daily for God to connect me somehow with those people who need my help, who are ready for change, who are committed, and who may even be on their last final try for fat loss, before just giving up all hope.

I trust that God Himself will connect me with those people because I turned this mission into His hands, I’m just the messenger, the vehicle, if you will. So let me ask you, are you one of the 100 people that I’m supposed to help? Does any of the above describe you? Well just know, I can help, I want to help, actually I’ve been Called to help. If I don’t, I’m not fulfilling such a precious Calling. But I don’t know if you or anyone you may know needs my help if I’m not told.

That being said, I know I  can’t do this on my own, I also need your help. All I ask from you is that if you, or anyone you know, wants and needs to start losing weight but doesn’t know how to get started, please refer them to me. Simply tell them about this blog site, forward them this link —–>>> http://www.sculptyourbodybeautiful.com, and then send me a message at the contact form provided below.

Anyone who contacts me via this contact form will receive a free Consult titled, ” My First Step To Weight Loss.” The First Step is always the hardest, but is also the first step to the rest of your life.


As Always, SculptYourBodyBeautiful!


David Gomez

Fat Loss Trainer/Coach