Fitness SUCCESS, Make It Happen Now!

Hello V.I.P.s, I’m back today with a quick post here, one that will hopefully get you reflecting, thinking and hopefully inspire you to make a lifechanging decisions now, like today.

It’s almost 2015, there are 3 more months left of 2014, and my questions to you are:


1. Have you achieved your fitness goals this year?
2. Have you lost those 10, 15, 20 or more pounds that you decided back in January?

3. Have you been able to fit into your smaller size pants that you had hoped for?


4. Have you started eating healthier just like you had planned?

5. Have you been sticking to your workout program this year, that you had vowed to yourself, that you would?
Well, I really hope so, and if you did, then I commend you for a great job! Your mind, body, health and YOU as an overall person should be way different NOW, than last year, you should be a changed person for the better! Now you can “Pay It Forward.”
BUT, if you had good intentions back in January,  Springbreak or even this Summer, and ONLY ended up trying, but had no real guidance and direction, and experienced no real results, and just ended up frustrated, then just gave up altogether, you’re NOT alone.
Many people around this time of year, up to New Year’s, start committing to one or all of the above fitness goals, and end up short.
Well, I have great news for you…
it doesn’t have to be the same way again this time NEXT year for you! Don’t let
this be your destiny, don’t end up like this person here
1. Set a 2, 3 or even 6 month fitness goal and be able to follow-through with it til completion!
2. Have guidance and direction the whole way through.
3. Have someone teach you everything that you need to know, and HOW to do it to lose fat, eat the right way for endless energy, build shapely muscle, and many other concerns that you may have questions about.

4. Have a Coach to motivate you and hold you accountable, making sure that you’re sticking to your OVERALL fitness and nutrition plan on a day-to-day basis.

5. Have access to a dependable fitness SOURCE, that you can turn to OUTSIDE the gym, with any concerns, to help you stay on track to succeed.
Well you can, if you want to, and ONLY if you can ACKNOWLEDGE that you NEED this type of help. If you can honestly answer the questions below with a resounding YES, then I can and want to help you.
1. I’m goal oriented and have a burning desire to succeed? _YES or _NO
2. I’m willing to work hard and make some sacrifices to make my fitness goals happen? _YES or _NO
3. I can follow-through with instructions and tasks ON TIME, that are asked of me? _YES or _NO
If you answered yes to all of the above questions, and want to TRULY be a changed person by Christmas, New Years or SpringBreak 2015, OR any other time, take these lifechanging steps below, do this…
1. First, DECIDE and COMMITT to TRUE change, in your heart and mind. Success always starts in the mind.
2. Then, email me at and briefly tell me about yourself and your fitness goals.
3. Finally, leave me your contact info and a DATE and TIME that you will be available to talk, so that I may contact you for a “FREE” Coaching Call to help you get started on your fitness SUCCESS journey, one that you won’t regret.
I look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you!
As Always, SculptYourBodyBeautiful!
David Gomez
Fitness SUCCESS Coach